Riverside Garden

Client: Private
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 2000 sqm
Location: Esher

This fabulous riverside location presented an exciting challenge since the house itself is set at a jaunty angle and the garden itself is an awkward shape. The new design carefully re-aligned the house with the river to make the most of the spectacular location and to encourage wildlife. The design ‘hides’ the awkward side boundaries and focuses the attention to the wonderful views.

The whole garden has been inspired by the riverside setting, framing the river views and connecting the house to the river. A ‘barefoot’ path creates a sensory experience and leads to a riverside terrace featuring gorgeous pieces of water marked local stone. Swathes of soft tactile planting, with blues, mauves, silvers and feathery grasses, make it feel as though you are walking through a ‘river’. Brighter yellows and oranges enliven the generous planting closer to the house.

A large curved lawn provides an important breathing space to take in the river views and also enjoy family games together.The sheltered swimming pool garden, vegetable beds and handy entertainment areas close to the house, make this a wonderful garden for family and friends and has meant the family can enjoy spending every spare moment immersed in nature and enjoying their new garden.

Before and After

We are so pleased with the garden transformation. We bought the house because of the garden location by the river and Selina has done a fantastic job of ensuring the house and garden feel more connected with the river. We can now fully appreciate the location both when in the garden and views from the house.

The garden has transformed already in the first year beyond our expectation and we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the plants come out at differing times. There always seems to be something new starting to flourish. I love its changing nature as it makes it so much more interesting. We have undertaken a large house renovation project too but it has been the garden transformation that has given us the most pleasure and no doubt will do for years to come.

Photography © Sean Ellis