We first met Selina while visiting a beautiful garden for the annual ‘National Garden Scheme Open Day’ and decided there and then to invite her to look at our rather bland garden.  She took into account the orientation of the garden, the best places for seating areas, and types of trees and plants that would suit our soil.  A lovely watercolour painted plan was produced to show what the final garden would look like, which incorporated our own ideas too.  A selection of landscape building teams  she has worked with was offered to us, and we chose a wonderful team of friendly, hardworking and professional builders who did excavations, drainage, ornamental wall building, top soiling and planting to achieve a truly beautiful garden.  We now open it to the public at our annual village open day in June, much to the delight of our visitors.  Throughout the process, Selina kept us up to date on progress, budget and any slight alterations to the plans, all of which we had the final say on.   She provided us with an electrician to give stunning night lights throughout the garden, an artist to do some wood sculpting and a metal worker to make a bespoke water spout for the water feature.  All of our plants thrived, making it look like a well established garden with its first year.  We would highly recommend Designs for All Seasons to anyone who wishes to improve their garden, whatever the size, as Selina and her team have truly transformed ours from a blank canvas into a masterpiece!

Kerry Wolf - Private Client

When I sat down with Selina, we were able to discuss priorities, a private garden,and one which created a sense of exploration for my young grandchildren, a restful outlook to enhance my work as a complimentary therapist, and a wide terrace for al fresco dining. Situated in a semi rural location, My dream was of an English country garden, and Selina created just that for me!

The outcome has been an intimate and characterful garden, full of country elements and a complete and successful transformation, thanks to Selina’s inspiration!

Jane Saville - Private Client

The Mistral Garden is now a space worthy of its purpose.  For many of the families we support the first time they will spend time in the garden is when their child is laying at rest in the Mistral Suite, so this is a space that will always be associated with the last time they will have physically seen their child.  It has been hugely beneficial having a private outside space for families to spend time in that will allow them to breathe, think, listen, remember and just be, at a time so unimaginable to most of us.

Geraldine Sheedy - Head of Care for Christopher's Hospice