This garden is wider than it is long and is overlooked by the flank of a neighbouring house.   

It also faces north-west and the clients wanted a sunny space to dine and entertain.  A large part of the garden was wasted with impenetrable bushes and large trees and this created a big opportunity for the design. 


The new design took the interest widthwise along the longest dimension and opened up the woodland area in order to extend the main garden, but leaving enough woodland to create a separate woodland garden.  

A contemporary stone clad wall curved across the garden around the new sunny terrace, again over into the side area of the garden. The overlooking was dealt with partly with screening but more importantly by changing the focus of the garden.  

The clients were keen to encourage wildlife but wanted the garden to be smart and contemporary and to provide an oasis for people too.

A water bowl with beautiful sculpted lead spout created the gentle sound of running water close to the house and terrace.  A secondary seating area taking in the longest views and facing east for morning coffee, carefully concealed shed and utility area and woodland walk, sculpted ‘bug hotels’ and a smart side terrace, completed the new garden.  

The garden was opened to the public in 2016 as part of the Horsell Garden Safari and these are some of the visitor comments:-

  "An amazing garden. It was a joy to walk around! Beautiful transformation from the original garden. Lovely choice of colours".

"My favourite garden of the weekend. Absolutely stunning with wonderful colour scheme and gorgeous woodland area".

"Hard work has certainly paid off. It's a very beautiful garden. Love the wall"

"A beautiful garden - feels like I'm on holiday"

"Your garden is fantastic. One of the best! Love the design plan".

"This is my favourite garden and the best garden I have seen today". Ray Jackson Chairman of W/Way Garden Club